EOS’s Digital Foam Webinar: A Breakthrough in Customized 3D Printing


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As customization becomes a defining factor in the world of modern manufacturing, EOS is set to unveil the key to a new horizon with its patented Digital Foam. This groundbreaking technology has already made waves in sports equipment innovation and protective helmet customization, making additive manufacturing (AM) the talk of industries worldwide.

On September 20, 2023, at 10 AM ET, EOS will hold an insightful webinar titled DIGITAL FOAM®: The Key Player in Polymer 3D Printing Customization. Interested users can register now and uncover how this game-changer redefines the scope and potential of polymer 3D printing production.

Print made with EOS’s Digital Foam. Image courtesy of EOS.

The webinar aims to shed light on the buzz around Digital Foam. Attendees will get to understand what sets Digital Foam apart from other 3D printed lattice structures. Furthermore, it will dive into how this digital solution promises to amplify the capabilities of current AM applications. The exploration won’t stop there; the discussion will also cover the types of materials best suited for producing Digital Foam and any current limitations.

A digital product, EOS’ pioneering Digital Foam ensures meta-materials offer unprecedented customization in 3D printed foams. The Digital Foam empowers users to adjust each voxel—the equivalent of a pixel in 3D space—leading to products that are comfortable, safer, lighter, and tailored to individual needs, all derived from highly adaptable polymer materials like TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or PA 11 (Polyamide 11).

The EOS Digital Foam Program seeks to fast-track the development and production of 3D printed foam applications. Blending product design, material science, part qualification, and 3D printing, the brand considers this program a holistic solution to quickly transforming ideas into tangible products. Renowned companies such as Bauer Hockey have already harnessed this technology. By collaborating with EOS, Bauer can scan a player’s head, design a helmet insert digitally, and then use selective laser sintering (SLS) to produce a helmet that perfectly fits its user.

Bauer Hockey Helmet with 3D Printed Digital Foam. Image courtesy of EOS.

EOS North America’s initiative, the Digital Foam program, is a big step forward in the foam industry. This hub ensures a seamless connection between CAD, materials, part qualification, and AM, making the intricate process of 3D printing foam products much more straightforward. Instead of struggling to make something like a safer football helmet, Digital Foam makes the process quicker and much more accessible, states the brand.

Global entities like Aetrex, renowned for foot-scanning technology and comfort footwear, also adopt the Digital Foam approach. By partnering with EOS, Aetrex can now analyze feet, identify pressure areas, and create bespoke 3D printed orthotics that perfectly match an individual’s foot while being affordable and lightweight.

Greg Hayes, Senior Vice President of Applied Engineering at EOS North America, encapsulates the vision behind Digital Foam: “We have created a sophisticated but easy-to-use solution that connects dozens of dots in the value chain, delivering better products to the market faster than ever.”

Building on that vision, one of the unique features of this webinar will be the comparison drawn between the management of Digital Foam projects and traditional EOS Additive Minds consulting projects. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the resources available through the Digital Foam Architects program. Looking ahead, EOS experts will share their predictions on the sectors where Digital Foam will play a transformative role.

Leading the discussion will be a group of experienced industry experts. Dr. David Krzeminski, EOS North America’s Senior Additive Minds Consultant, will be joined by Caleb Ferrell, General Manager at Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) and EOS North America Operations Manager, and Jon Walker, EOS North America’s Government Relations and Key Account Manager. The session will be moderated by Joris Peels, SmarTech Analysis’s VP of Consulting and 3DPrint.com‘s Executive Editor.

This session promises not only to inform but to inspire. Attendees will gain a comprehensive view of the present polymer AM landscape, all while getting a sneak peek at what’s coming next for Digital Foam. The webinar will present real examples to demonstrate the technology’s impact. It’s more than a discussion; it’s an invitation to reimagine the possibilities of manufacturing customization through the lens of polymer 3D printing with Digital Foam. Registration is open for those keen to be a part of this revolution. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand how Digital Foam can change your perspective on manufacturing.

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