Redefine Meat’s Plant-Based 3D Printed Meat Available in Europe


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In early 2021, animal-free meat startup Redefine Meat’s CEO and co-founder Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, said its products were ready for global launch. This week, the first stage of the Israeli brand’s large-scale pilot line is in full force as Redefine Meat launched its 3D printed whole cuts of New-Meat products in Europe. The commercially available alternative meats include beef and lamb flank cuts and culinary-grade ground beef, sausages, premium burgers, and lamb kebabs.

Endorsed by leading chefs of Michelin-star restaurants, the plant-based meats are now available within initial high-end restaurants in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the UK, customers can taste the range of New-Meat products at Japanese-Peruvian cuisine Chotto Matte, Indian restaurant Brigadiers, Burger Bear, and any of 22 Marco Pierre White restaurants. Customers will also get to savor the alt-meats in the Netherlands by visiting the line of Ron Gastrobar restaurants or eastern Mediterranean cooking landmark NENI Amsterdam.

Redefine Meat's 3D printed alternative plant-based meats.

Cracking the holy grail of the plant-based meat industry: Redefine Meat’s Steak. Image courtesy of Redefine Meat.

With the European expansion, the company solidifies its roadmap to becoming the world’s largest 3D printed animal-free meat developer. This major milestone for the food industry marks the first time high-end restaurants will offer plant-based whole cuts as part of their menus, achieving a product quality comparable to high-quality animal meat. In addition, the broad range of New-Meat products gives chefs unparalleled culinary versatility to incorporate plant-based meat into their menus.

Firmly set on driving demand from meat lovers, Redefine Meat says it offers product quality and variety. Moreover, Ben-Shitrit describes the brand’s flagship meat as “superior in taste and texture,” a trait that has surprised even some of the most recognized chefs in the world. Thanks to unique technological capabilities, Redefine Meat can replicate the texture, flavor, and eating experience of beef and other high-value meat products and replace every whole cut from the cow.

Redefine Meat's 3D printed alternative plant-based meats.

Redefine Meat’s 3D printed alternative plant-based meats. Image courtesy of Redefine Meat.

“Over the past few weeks at COP26, we’ve seen world leaders commit to landmark goals such as the elimination of all deforestation by 2030, which requires a significant reduction in global meat consumption,” highlighted Ben-Shitrit. “Redefine Meat has its eyes set on the real problem – not meat, but the way it’s produced. We have a genuine solution that today, not in 2030, preserves all the culinary aspects of meat we know and love, but eliminates cattle as a means of production.”

Actually, during the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26, food chain emissions were not among the top issues discussed. At the summit opening, UK prime minister Boris Johnson called on world leaders to make “bold commitments on coal, cars, cash, and trees.” Still, he neglected to address the environmental consequences of livestock farming, which contributes to greenhouse gases in several ways.

The rise of alt-meat companies like Redefine proves that the demand for animal-free meat has soared. These so-called “clean meats” made in labs or with 3D printing technologies can help replace slaughterhouses and feedlots, eventually reducing greenhouse emissions. Lab-grown and 3D printed meats could even make deep space exploration possible.

Using a range of proprietary and patented technologies, including its Meat Matrix Additive Manufacturing, Redefine Meat makes products from plant-based ingredients. Working closely with global meat experts to understand the complexity of animal muscle structure, Redefine Meat claims to have “cracked the holy grail of the alternative meat industry.” By developing its whole meat cuts that mimic the complete muscle tissues of animal fat, it considers customers will taste an “extremely juicy, yet firm, meaty bite.”

The New-Meat range boasts a selection of high-quality products already adopted by close to 150 restaurants in Israel. Moreover, the range is designed to address a significant gap in the market: a culinary base for a wide variety of dishes. As such, the product has been acclaimed by several high-end and Michelin-star chefs, including legendary British chef Marco Pierre White, world-renowned chef, and Dutch TV personality Ron Blaauw, Berlin’s celebrated head chef of the two-Michelin star FACIL Restaurant Joachim Gerner, and Israel’s famed chef Shahaf Shabtay.

Commenting on the tasting experience, Pierre White–the youngest chef to date to be awarded three Michelin stars–said: “When I first tasted Redefine Meat, I was mind-blown. Of course, the world needs to eat less meat, but the reality is that until now, plant-based meat products have fallen way short in terms of the quality and versatility required for our menus. Redefine Meat’s New-Meat products are pure genius, giving you all the sustainability and health benefits of plant-based, without the compromise on taste and texture.”

Expanding the variety of plant-based products, Redefine Meat’s launch in Europe is part of the company’s mission to become the world’s largest “meat” business. Furthermore, with demand for the product rising in the US and Asia, Redefine expects to launch its alt-meats there in 2022.

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