3D Systems Art Challenge: Silence 3D Printing Skeptics and Win a 3DS CubePro 3D Printer Worth $2500

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cgtrader-1If you are an inspired 3D designer and 3D printing enthusiast looking to take your work to the competitive level, the 3D Systems Art Challenge is a contest for you. Does the chance to win a 3D Systems CubePro 3D printer worth $2500 sound motivating? How about the chance to prove to the world that 3D printing is indeed having an impact on the art world?

While 3D printing is a rapidly growing technology with many supporters and enthusiasts, skeptics regarding the technology still abound.

The folks at CG Trader point out that they’ve teamed up with 3D Systems for the 3D Systems Art Challenge because they want to prove the skeptics wrong, and they want to share the role of 3D printing in the art world, which they see as ‘a real magician’s hat – where you can produce an object out of nothing.’ As is very true in the concept of art—and life itself—even the most ordinary can become extraordinary.

CG Trader describes the challenge as ‘mouth­wateringly juicy’ with prizes, and there’s no debating that. The 3D Systems Art Challenge will run until the 11th of January, 2015, and this is certainly a terrific way of  motivating the digital content creators out there who may just need the nudge of competitive spirit to put some powerful new work out there.

Power of Mind Creative 3D print model

Entry – Power of Mind Creative 3D print model

The spotlight for the competition is on 3D printed art for the living space. CG Trader and 3D Systems encourage the competitors to focus on:

  • FurnitureShakespeare Bust
  • Wall art
  • Vases
  • Sculpture
  • Figurines
  • Product design
  • Home décor

You will need to upload your designs to CG Trader, at which point you can put a price on these designs. There are two categories for the contest. The first is the Best Model Category, which will result in one winner and two runner-ups. The award will be given for the best 3D Art models uploaded during the challenge period. The winner will receive:

  • A CubePro printer by 3D Systems
  • One roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • One roll of Ninjaflex fillament by FennerdrivesGirl Sculpture 3D Printable Model
  • 200 USD in credits by CG Trader
  • Promotional features by CG Trader

The runners-up will receive:

  • One roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • 100 USD in credits by CGTrader
  • Promotional features by CGTrader

The second category is the Best 3D Art Portfolio Category, also to include one winner and two runners-up. The winner will receive:

  • One 3Doodler by 3Doodler
  • One roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • One roll of Ninjaflex fillament by Fennerdrives
  • 300 USD in credits by CG Trader
  • Promotional features by CG Trader

The runners-up will receive:

  • One roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • 100 USD in credits by CG Trader
  • Promotional features by CG Trader

Why enter a competition? It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing, as well as gaining some recognition not only for your own work, but also for highlighting the capabilities of 3D printing technology.  A little competition is great for the art community in general, just as in the science and technology arenas where one idea can grow from another, and one person can inspire another to come up with provocative new ideas.

Is this an art challenge you’d like to submit a 3D printed product for? Do you think 3D printing is affecting art substantially or are you skeptical? Share your thoughts with us in the 3D Systems Art Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.




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