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GROW is a software company founded several years back with the aim to enable secure distributed additive manufacturing. They have developed a suite of cloud and desktop solutions enabling a secure end to end AM workflow which is now available for free!

In order to understand more about the solution, we have asked some questions of Dr Siavash Mahdavi, Founder and CEO of GROW.

What challenges in additive manufacturing is GROW solving today?

At GROW we have carefully listened to our partners which are maturing from simple prototyping through to serial manufacturing and have realised that they face several challenges around ensuring the quality of manufacture and the protection of their intellectual property.

At GROW we have developed a range of tools that allow designers to secure their design files and ensure that they are only manufactured to their desired specifications with complete traceability.

Can you tell me about GROW’s offering?

As you may have heard, we have now made our encryption technology both for the designers as well as the manufacturers entirely free. This means that anyone interested in secure quality distributed manufacturing can sign and download our software from www.grow.am.

Users can encrypt their intellectual property including design files, manufacturing processing instructions and anything else that they find valuable, send it directly to the manufacturer of their choice and be assured that their parts are only manufactured to their specification with complete traceability.

Why have you decided to provide your solution for free?

We really believe that this is what the industry needs to unblock distributed manufacturing. Moreover, there will be a layer of services that I can reveal more about later which sits on our encryption technology and we charge for that. The services will include insights that we can generate for the designers and engineers enabling them to further optimise their designs for the AM processes. On the other hand, there will be a set of tools that can enable manufacturers to optimise their AM machines.

Who would benefit from this technology?

A typical user would include someone that cares about quality control with valuable intellectual property which requires protection. Industries that we tend to work with include medical, aerospace, automotive and tooling.

Your last word?

We would love to have even more people try out our technology as it is very simple to use. We have integrated our technology with the most popular additive manufacturing machines and can enable an end to end security and quality control.

If anyone is interested, I highly recommend them to visit our website at www.grow.am, sign up and download our software for free or request a demo.   

Website: www.grow.am

Email: info@grow.am

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