Join the 3D Printing Revolution! iMakr Kicks Off UrbanManufacturing with Design, Scanning & Printing On Demand Services


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imakr-logoMost of us really dig the idea that 3D printing is causing a revolution. And it may have already caused a revolution in your life, allowing you to spark a small jewelry business and take it that much further because you are able to start a mini-factory in your home—or giving you the opportunity to impress everyone at work from clients to the higher ups as you offer architectural presentations, complete with 3D printed models.

What about this global third industrial revolution? Most of us are not seeing that in action yet—at least not as a complete transformation. If you look around though, it’s coming together slowly with new products that focus on taking additive manufacturing to the assembly line, like 3D Systems’ new Figure 4 technology, replete with robotic arms and all. It’s easy to make broad statements about what is going to happen, but indeed progress does take time. And as we check back in with companies on the urban front like iMakr in London, continually, it’s been easy to see their progress, from fairly immediate expansion with another store in Manhattan opening to an ongoing and dynamic show of excitement in their stores, which define big city—and technological sophistication.

unnamed (7)Now, we are seeing that revolution come together for city dwellers as UrbanManufacturing, powered by iMakr, kicks off. Indeed, here is progress as they celebrate their three-year anniversary by beginning to offer an entire program of 3D services at the London store—allowing for local manufacturing.

“UrbanManufacturing at iMakr London is the first modern incarnation of manufacturing on the high street,” states the team in their press release. “Welcome to the industrial revolution 3.0.”

This revolution in London is going to allow you to go from the conceptual stage to the manufacturing stage, with:

”After 3 years of selling and testing best in class 3D printers and scanners and working with world class 3D designers, I believe iMakr is uniquely placed to lead the way in the next industrial revolution,” says Eric Savant, iMakr CEO. “We see UrbanManufacturing as the logical next step for our company and the industry.”

unnamed (8)It’s not just talk either, as iMakr has everything in place for their customers, from a wide and diverse array of technology to an excellent staff comprised of expert makers, 3D designers and engineers.

The Design on Demand program should give you a real leg up on production if you want to hand over your ideas to one of the iMakr designers. To get the process started, all you need to do is fill out the form on iMakr’s Design on Demand page and give some details regarding your project, to include drawings, pictures, or videos. (Designer time is charged at £60 per hour or £500 per day.)

With Scan on Demand services, customers are able to take advantage of the high-precision 3D scanners at iMakr and have a 3D file made from an existing object. Scanning only takes a few seconds, with the result being an optimized file ready to go to print. To begin, just fill out the information form on the Scan on Demand page, and iMakr will get back to you with a quote. Keep in mind that scanning projects begin at a minimum of £79, with prices going on depending on the size of the object to be 3D scanned.

unnamed (6)If you are interested in Print on Demand, iMakr is promising you services and technology ‘beyond compare.’ With a variety of 3D printers and machines, a range of materials, and even a decorating service for finishing your pieces, you should look forward to seeing your concept come to fruition in a convenient—and stunning—manner, whether you need one print, a small batch run, or perhaps even a project with a print run of a thousand pieces completed.

Work is performed at £10 per hour of printing with a minimum charge of £40, and extra for specialty items with ‘exotic filaments’ or extra assembly and more complex finishing. SLA prints, according to iMakr, are charged according to size and complexity with a starting price of £79. Are you interested in printing in an alternative material like SLS, sandstone, or metal? If so, just check in with the iMakr team for a quote.

You don’t have to go into the store to get the process started either, as you can just upload your file to their Print on Demand page, and then wait for a response within twelve hours.

You can also check out the iMakr storefront at 79 Clerkenwell Road. Opened in 2013, the London store is the world’s largest independent 3D printing store. And should you be in New York City, you can find their second flagship store at 152 Allen Street. Whether you find them online or in one of their stores, iMakr is inviting you to join the revolution—and push your business that much further ahead with high-tech innovation. Discuss further in the iMakr 3D UrbanManufacturing Services forum over at

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