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The New peel 3: Industrial Grade 3D Scanning Now More Accessible than Ever

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In the brave new worlds of industrial design, parts re-engineering and custom fabrication, 3D scanning has never been more critical to the development process. The ability of next generation, affordable 3D scanners working hand in glove with CAD technology and 3D printing has changed iterative design and re-engineering forever. Today everyone from backyard tuners to entire design departments at the world’s biggest, most respected manufacturers simply cannot work without them.

At peel 3d, the small, collegial team has been at the cutting edge of this trend, bringing exciting hand-held 3D scanning tech to market that has truly opened doors — and minds — of anyone who works in parts design and development. The new peel 3 is the next generation of these products, and its makers see it as more empowering and accessible than ever, especially with its available integrated scan-to-CAD software, a market first.

“It’s something the market has never seen before for this category of 3D measurement solutions,” explained François Leclerc, Program Manager at peel 3d. “This clearly shows our commitment to democratizing the entire 3D scanning experience for users in many different fields.”

The peel 3 and peel 3.CAD feature enhanced ergonomics that stay comfortable in the most common 3D scanning positions. In addition to improved shape and handling, an intuitive touch screen interface is mounted on the unit itself, where it should be, right under the user’s thumb for at-a-glance distance control, eliminating the need to look at nearby monitors that never seem to be nearby enough.

The icing on the cake is the industry-first haptic user communication in which changes in vibration actually let the user feel their way though a scan, something that everyone from novice to seasoned pro can get excited about. It all adds up to improved resolution and performance for scanning more complex geometries, surfaces and colours, providing additional versatility to 3D scan any type of object. And improved scanning control comes with a much gentler learning curve, so newer users can be operational that much quicker.

“The peel 3 and peel 3.CAD are the culmination of feedback from our customers and well as the market needs we have observed over the past months,” Leclerc explained. “Our product’s users are hooked on the sheer power of being able to maneuver seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds, export scanned data to CAD, make design tweaks, 3D print, make  mods to the physical model — in clay for example — then re-exporting to digital. It really is “Wash. Rinse. Repeat.” for the design and re-engineering processes.”

Leclerc adds that the new generation of peel 3d scanners lends itself to a whole host of applications: AR, VR and digital content, automotive, product design, healthcare, MRO and engineering, education, art and heritage preservation, the list goes on.

“The entire team at peel 3d believes that 3D scanning users, whether beginners or seasoned pros, should never have to compromise performance for price. Today’s launch is proof of the value we bring to the table.”

peel 3 comes with peel.OS, data acquisition software used to process, clean, align, improve and export 3D scanning data. The peel 3.CAD package, which combines peel 3 with peel.CAD reverse engineering software, is designed for users aiming at transforming 3D scans into CAD-ready files.

peel 3 is priced at USD $8,490, while peel 3.CAD is offered for USD $11,990—accessible price points for budget-conscious customers seeking manufacturing-grade performance.

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