Metal Additive Manufacturing and the Midwest in Focus — A Few Questions For: EOS


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EOS-LogoCertain trends are simply undeniable in the 3D printing industry today, such as the rapid growth of metal additive manufacturing. Similarly, just as in real estate, success often comes down to a critical factor: location, location, location. Germany-based EOS has seen location come into play before, benefiting from proximity with fellow German company Audi in the formation of an automotive-focused partnership we heard about in detail just last month. In the company’s latest announcements, however, the thought is focused more on expansion than a look to the nearest well-suited neighbors, as EOS turns to North America for further growth and focus in growing its share of and participation in the market. In the last week, EOS has announced several expansions to activity in the US, from California to, notably, the Midwest, where we are certainly seeing metal additive manufacturing activity pick up.

morf3d_weblogo-e1408716176725California-based Morf3D announced an acquisition of two EOS M 290 systems and one EOS M 400, expanding capacity of their metal additive manufacturing activity at their 6,800-square-foot Innovation Center, which opened in 2015. Morf3D turned again to EOS’ equipment as they looked to enhance their offerings to customers in a variety of industries, including aerospace and defense, adding to the two EOS M290 machines already in place. The company is adding engineering staff as well as computerized scanning and inspection services, and post-process machining and finishing equipment, in order to meet increases in demand.

“As a leader in AM production, Morf3D delivers end-to-end, innovative solutions for platform builders and system integrators across industries, and EOS is thrilled to serve as their partner. With Morf3D’s lastest investment in growing their metal printing capabilities, and given the increasing use of AM in serial production, especially in aerospace, their customers will benefit from the precision, quality and repeatability that EOS’s AM systems provide,” Andrew Snow, Senior Vice President, EOS of North America, said of Morf3D’s activity.


EOS M 290 [Photo: EOS]

EOS’ additional announcements center around the company’s own growth in the North American market with several appointments in company operations. Additive Minds, the company’s division incorporating their consulting, Innovation Centre, and Additive Minds Academy offerings, is set to see new leadership with the appointment of Gregory Hayes, PhD, as the new Director of North America Applications and Consulting for EOS North America, in which capacity he will be leading the Additive Minds consultancy group for North America.

“We’re honored to welcome Greg to the EOS North America team to lead the expansion of our Additive Minds division. With extensive experience across the additive manufacturing lifecycle, Greg will ensure Additive Minds provides the kind of high-quality, customized, and innovative solutions to our partners who want to ensure their AM solutions are not just meeting, but surpassing their needs,” said Glynn Fletcher, President of EOS North America.

Hayes’ background spans several industries, including health IT, high-tech, and aerospace, through his work as a strategic technology development consultant. He brings with him a wealth of experience in high-end R&D, business acumen as the co-founder of Complex Materials, and a PhD in Materials Science, among other noted résumé highlights. Additional appointments to EOS’ North American talent pool are additionally set to bolster their activities on this continent. John W. Pendleton, with a background in metal additive manufacturing at GPI Prototype & Manufacturing, will be focusing on the growth of EOS’ presence in prototyping activity. Josh Dennis, who represented +GF+ Machining Solutions, EOS, Erowa Tooling and Alternative Machine Tool at EDM Systems, will be focusing on EOS’ participation in the medical sector.

“Key talent additions in North America will give us a greater footprint in the Midwest – an industrial epicenter. John and Josh’s deep expertise in AM in both the prototyping and medical arenas ensures our partners are working with subject matter experts who can provide industry-specific, curated and personalized guidance,” said Snow.

Glynn Fletcher

Glynn Fletcher, President, EOS North America

EOS’ facilities in the US include offices in Novi, Michigan, as well as an innovation center at its Pflugerville, Texas facility. In light of the spate of announcements focusing on their activities in my home country, I was intrigued to learn more about how EOS sees its North American strategy developing. Metal AM is an area of huge growth, and EOS has its finger on the pulse of many goings-on in this sector. Glynn Fletcher, President, EOS North America, was kind enough to answer A Few Questions For me to provide more detail about their recent activity.

The Midwest/US/North America is to be in focus for EOS’ latest announcements; what is it about this market that appeals to the company’s business plan?

“EOS North America has experienced strong growth over the past several years, and we expect that trend to continue. In addition, our priority markets have remained consistent – the Midwest is a known hub of US manufacturing – but what has changed is the volume of activity within this region. Due to high demand, we’ve invested in our staff accordingly to ensure we’re delivering the highest levels of service to our partners. The recent launch of EOS’s Additive Minds service team in North America included bringing in Dr. Greg Hayes to manage this offering and is one way we’re focused on better serving our customers and capitalizing on what we see as a real need to partner with companies to implement their AM solutions. We see Additive Minds as essential to our customers’ success with AM here in North America.”

What kind of growth can we expect in metal AM in 2017?

“For EOS North America, metal is projected to be the highest area of growth at 25 percent – potentially higher.”

How do EOS’ recent appointments fit into the company’s plan for specific verticals?

“At EOS North America, we have teams of experts dedicated to the aerospace, medical/healthcare, automotive, and machining industries. Aerospace and medical quickly embraced AM, driving significant growth and continued growth potential in implementing AM. Our two latest sales hires augment our overall client service capabilities both in these two industries and beyond, while our Additive Minds service team crosses all industries. It’s already demonstrated immense value to our partners in Europe.”

additive-mindsHow does Additive Minds fit in here?

“EOS’ Additive Minds provides organizations with industry-specific AM experts to counsel them on how to systematically increase their AM capabilities, building-up and maintaining expertise needed to achieve a robust AM program. As a pioneer in AM, EOS knows that successfully implementing an AM machine goes beyond just buying a machine. It takes a particular mindset for organizations to plan for AM and ‘think’ AM. With training, workshops, consulting and dedicated innovation centers, the Additive Minds team enables companies to reap the greatest yield from their AM investment, and with Dr. Hayes at the helm, we’re confident in offering our customers a deep commitment to shared success with AM.”

As metal additive manufacturing activity continues to expand, focus will certainly stay on the Midwest with its legacy of manufacturing prowess and the reinvigoration new technology is presenting to the geographic area. EOS is not alone in turning this way, as technology and the Midwest continue to converge. With more activity in the United States overall, EOS is also setting itself up for success in what remains the world’s largest market for additive manufacturing. Discuss in the EOS forum at


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