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Multitask Like a Superhero with the Tabulate, an Ergonomic Smartphone Cover & 3D Printable Accessories

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tabulate-logo-e1448288959594There’s no denying the magic of the smartphone or the over-sized version that we refer to as a tablet. While you may sometimes take the technology for granted, who would have thought, just ten years ago or less, that you would be able to almost completely manage your life through a handheld device that fits in your palm, eliminating everything from that bulky camera to hours tied at your laptop.

Tabulate wants to take your phone from miracle worker to superhero status though. While many eschew the idea of the smartphone being an appendage–let’s face it–it’s usually in our hands, close by–or being left behind in a bathroom or on a restaurant table (thank goodness for that ‘find my phone’ app). With the Tabulate and its 3D printable accessories, you not only hold on to your phone or table easily with a simple snap-on device, but it also eliminates pressure on your hand and body while you are using it–even while you’re out taking a run–or using it on the kitchen or car mount. The ergonomics are meant to help with carpal tunnel issues and finger numbness–and we’re pretty certain many of you reading at this very moment are trying to massage away some issues from repetitive typing or holding a device.


Accessories and attachments for the Tabulate

‘Soft to touch and sturdy to use,’ this allows you to have the ultimate connection–and comfort–with that device you’re constantly trying to keep track of or hold on to without dropping and facing a hefty fee, insurance or not. The Tabulate also prevents cramping and wrist strain. As they say, “You either need it, or you don’t know you need it.” This simple organizational device may also have some of us saying goodbye to purses and the like as you can carry virtually everything within it.

“My product gives normal phones and tablets superpowers their owners can use to take on the day like a superhero,” Tabulate founder Devansh Shah, of Dubai, told “Because the bigger and thinner devices get, the more painful it is to hold them.”

“Tabulate is for the commuters and travelers, for offices and warehouses, for the movers and the recliners, for outdoor and indoor gamers. This is a shock absorbent and extremely durable product that has no moving parts and uses no magnets.”


Currently, the Tabulate is on Indiegogo, as the team hopes to raise a modest $15K, with nearly six weeks to go. For as little as $10, you can order the ‘Makers Perk’ which offers all current and future 3D printable files of all Tabulates and attachments. Early birds who pledge $15 will receive the Tabulate for either iPhone or Android, adding an extra $5 if you want the package with one of the attachments. For tablets, early birds only need to pledge $20-25.

You can customize body color and strap design with a wide range of choices. Two body colors (black or white) are available, with 15 different strap colors and designs.


Several different models are available:

  • The Spidey-Grip (our favorite) offers an ultimate solution for large, unwieldy tablets and phones whether you are sitting still, or on the move.  “Your device becomes an extension of your awesome self and is more comfortable to use,” says Shah.
  • The Utility Belt offers an easy way to carry your stylus, headphones, stands, and other travel accessories ‘as you take on the world’s problems.’
  • The Costume allows for a variety of different options and colors.

With this device, you can look forward to multi-tasking even more–with everything at your fingertips, literally. And don’t forget–if you don’t want to buy any of the Tabulate accessories, you can download the 3D files and print them yourself. If you have your own design ideas for Tabulate in mind, you can also submit them with the chance to win an iPad Mini–just click here to see some of the entries already sent in for the contest. Tell us your thoughts on this new product in the Tabulate Allows You to 3D Print Attachments forum over at



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