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Raising Capital: 3D Printing CEOs on Getting Funding without Going Public – Part I

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After several years of watching a handful of 3D printing companies follow the SPAC trend to go public, it became even more evident that most of the businesses in the 3D printing sector stay private. But how do they brave the waves to gather the liquidity needed to push their projects forward, advance their technology, and survive in the harsh landscape of capital raising strategies? CEOs from three of the most successful startups in the 3D printing sector provide a road map, complete with pointers on what to avoid and where to capitalize along the way. This is how they surf the ups and downs of fundraising to keep control of their own business.

CEOs Matt Petros from 3DEO, Sonny Vu from Arevo, and Avi Reichental from Nexa3D shared their knowledge on searching for capital, finding the perfect investor match, and how to strengthen their negotiating positions. PRO logo

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