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Who Will Be the First Billion Dollar Additive Manufacturing Company?

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Earlier in the year, SmarTech Analysis co-hosted an online-only event with Stifel where some of the most notable leaders in additive manufacturing got together for an investment strategies panel in a public forum-style discussion. Participating in this panel was an honor, and there was so much excellent discussion that took place, it was impossible to cover all of the thought-provoking questions from the audience and those submitted by panel members themselves. One, in particular, that was put forth but unable to be discussed due to time constraints was something I had submitted, and I think it makes for an interesting exercise and discussion related to where the additive manufacturing industry is heading in the post-COVID era. The question is, who will be the first billion dollar additive manufacturing company?

Obviously, the question isn’t asking about mega-corporations who already were running at billions in revenue before starting an additive manufacturing business unit whose revenue contribution doesn’t even warrant the company talking about it in their quarterly financials. These types of companies certainly are an important development historically speaking for the AM industry. PRO logo

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