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Where Have All AM’s Unicorns Gone?

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In the rapidly evolving world of 3D printing, startups valued at over a billion dollars, known as unicorns, once seemed as fantastical as the mythical creatures themselves. While a few innovative companies in additive manufacturing (AM) space have since reached this legendary status, the emergence of new unicorns in this niche has stalled since 2022, marking a pause in an otherwise dynamic field. The rise and stagnation of unicorns in the 3D printing industry echoes the sector’s broader trends and challenges.

These transitions not only highlight the sector’s rapid growth and investor interest but also underline the potential and challenges within the field of AM. A comparison with unicorn trajectories in other tech niches further highlights the unique position of the 3D printing sector. Amid this landscape, the story extends beyond pure-play 3D printing firms, as businesses have achieved unicorn status by integrating 3D printing technology into their broader business models. PRO logo

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