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What We Know About the Dental 3D Printing Industry Will Soon Change

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…The dental industry is driven to a surprising degree based on consumer behaviors and socio-economic factors. The biggest socio-economic phenomenon to happen in decades struck with the pandemic, and while the main impacts are behind us, the lasting dental impact has been in a continued consumer preference and drive for convenience through digitization.

In these ways, dental 3D printing has been able to fade into the background slightly since the pandemic, as the solutions have reached a key level of integration with the fabric of the dental industry. These solutions have become trusted enough and used to a wide enough degree across many dental applications, that the focus of the market has now begun to evolve slightly beyond the printer itself. Dental professionals have accepted that 3D printers are unquestionably part of the fabric of dental care in the age of digital dentistry, and savvy dental consumers are likely to also cross the same chasm within the coming three to five years.

The coming phase of the market’s development will reveal if the traditional players in printing will succeed as independent 3D printing solution developers who sell tailored solutions to dental customers. In contrast, the sector could ultimately transform with the storied dental solution providers, who control the industry, taking the development torch themselves from here on. They would then bring even greater solutions to their existing customer base, while owning more of the profits… PRO logo

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