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Investors Could be the X Factor in 3D Printing Workforce Development

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It must be frustrating for stakeholders in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector to see that the companies that they’re backing are facing the exact same obstacles in the short-term that the sector has so much potential to solve in the long term. At the present juncture, workforce development, in particular, is likely to be an ongoing source of headaches for 3D printing investors and business owners.

More AM Workers Benefits the Larger Economy

To be sure, this is a major issue across the board for American employers, and especially manufacturing employers. The unique frustration tied to the problem for companies in a sector like AM is that, with a sufficient number of advanced manufacturing workers in circulation, it would not only help the sector itself get off the ground. Additionally, AM companies could realistically start to help other spheres of the economy address their own labor shortages and workforce development gaps, as well. PRO logo

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