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AM Drilldown: Opportunities for 3D Printing in Canada

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According to Credit Suisse (PDF), Canada is the ninth wealthiest nation on the planet, representing about 2.4 percent of the globe’s riches. Though it falls far below the U.S. (30 percent) and China (18 percent) in this regard, it is essentially on par with countries like Italy (2.8), France (3.6), India (3.1) and Australia (2.2).

When it comes to additive manufacturing (AM), however, Canada is significantly behind. Given the supply chain issues that have been highlighted by COVID-19 and more, it is likely that the country will have to play catch up to make its own manufacturing infrastructure more resilient. In other words, Canada will surely cultivate its 3D printing ecosystem further and already has taken steps to do so. Therefore, there is plenty of opportunity for playing a role in what will become the nation’s burgeoning AM sector. PRO logo

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