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Examining the Best Opportunities in Polymer 3D Printing via Opportunity Factor Analysis

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At this point, everybody knows that the additive manufacturing (AM) market (as well as many other industries) went through a rapid evolution brought on by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting government response initiatives that shook up the global economy. Every industry has had its challenges as a result, but some certainly have benefitted as much or more as others have been negatively impacted. AM certainly seems like one that has benefitted significantly—mostly thanks to years of work to evolve the core technologies to address manufacturing opportunities, build out an ecosystem more worthy of serving those types of applications and users, and some fortuitous timing with the worst supply chain crisis in modern history…

With the recently released research from SmarTech Analysis on Polymer Additive Parts Produced, we attempt to quantify AM’s impact from the angle of production volume and applicational value. This serves as a great way, when combined with other analytical techniques, to try to bring some clarity to figuring out what opportunities to chase down in a sea of possible winners and losers. This article presents some highlights in a modeling technique we call ‘Opportunity Factor’ or ‘O Factor.’ PRO logo

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