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Are 3D Printing Startups Thriving or Just Surviving in the US?

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It is commonly believed that less than half of startups will make it to their fifth year. Usually attributed to a lack of early-stage funding, many startups in the US have historically struggled to thrive in a landscape where capital resources run out fast. However, in 2021, investors poured over $300 billion into US startups, almost doubling 2020’s capital funding, according to financial tracker PitchBook. In addition, early-stage funding alone doubled last year––which is great for Series A and B investments. In particular, favoring the tech sector, many of these record-breaking investments trickled down to disruptive technologies like 3D printing. So, what does this mean for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry in particular?

When we break down the AM startup ecosystem, a few indicators tell us that new businesses have been thriving in general. However, data compiled by showed that… PRO logo

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