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What Do Earnings Reports Tell Us About the 3D Printing Industry?

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Over a dozen 3D printing companies have announced their transition from private to public in the last two years. That’s more than double the number of companies that went public since 3D printing technology became a groundbreaking industry. Spearheaded by fast-growing businesses in the sector, like Desktop Metal, Markforged, and VELO3D, the ubiquitous presence of newly-public 3D printing businesses is raising the profile of the role the technology can play in the manufacturing ecosystem.

While additive manufacturing (AM) has become a fundamental technology of the Industry 4.0 revolution, expected to shape the future of production, for many investors, this blistering trend to go public will give them greater insights into the companies and their evolving business and operational models. Investors can learn a lot about an organization by looking at its earnings reports and comparing them to competing firms.

Financial statements and stocks are considered quite a good indicator of the industry’s direction as a whole, giving investors and other interested parties clues as to the niche trends spurred on by the demand or sales of a product or service. Additionally, by following news from 3D printing companies and listening to earnings conference calls, investors can learn even more about them and how well they are doing through the information that might not show up in the numbers.

To understand how a company’s ledger can shed light on the 3D printing industry as a whole, spoke to stock analyst and managing director at Stifel Financial, Noelle Dilts, who adds her critical take on earnings reports and how they will influence long-term emerging trends. Whether it’s sales, margins, or the effects of supply chain disruptions on demand, financial data remains essential to guiding the business into the future. This is why understanding and analyzing quarterly information is critical for companies and investors across the 3D printing industry.

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