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Part Renting, Parts-as-a-Service, and Build Volume Subscriptions in 3D Printing

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More 3D printers are being leased. Vendors are looking at all-in-service models, as well. Following on from Carbon, subscriptions, including materials, are coming into vogue. HP has a hardware-as-a-service model and Brazil’s 3DCriar will sell you a complete subscription for an Ultimaker or Formlabs machine.

All-in pricing is very attractive to new users who want to have a complete definitive overview of costs. In some cases, no surprises is preferable to paying more in the long run. Especially attractive is the combination of these deals with a service level agreement, whereby repairs will occur within a set timeframe or printers will be replaced the next day. Customers need not spend money up-front and can get started right away, as well. In the long run, of course, subscriptions will lead to more profit for OEMs. At the same time, VCs and other investors love subscription prices and their long steady rivers of cash flow. PRO logo

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