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Markforged SPAC: Metal 3D Printing Enters New Era

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The changes in the additive manufacturing market that have been brought about largely by the impacts of COVID-19 have been, in a word, staggering. It has shifted from an industry which had been mostly sustained on ‘outward’ growth rather than ‘upward’ growth for the better part of two years, to one which has seen more investment and interest from the financial sector in the last year than it has in nearly a decade. Additive manufacturing technologies are entering a new era, and, last month, this movement was cemented by another metal additive company, MarkForged, announcing it would become publicly listed in 2021 by merging with a special acquisition company.

This comes just six months after the company’s closest competitor, Desktop Metal, announced it would take the same path to an IPO. The latter has now completed that task and gone on to acquire one of the oldest 3D printing companies shortly after, skyrocketing to the forefront of the industry in terms of breadth of offering.

There’s one clear thing incentivizing these companies to go public now… PRO logo

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