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Future Additive Market Strategies: First Quarter 2020 Financial Reports

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The financial world has been holding its collective breath in anticipation of the release of financial results from influential AM companies after the first quarter of 2020 came to its close at the end of March.  This was just as the coronavirus pandemic was beginning to hit its peak in much of the Western world.

COVID-19 got worse after that, birthing worries that Q2 will be even worse than Q1.  Also, the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry, sprang into action amid shortfalls of ventilator components and personal protective equipment in Q1 to produce critical components on-demand for virus crisis.  As Covid-19 subsides in Q3 and Q4, this opportunity will also subside.  Leaving a big question mark of what comes next for AM in a devastated worldwide economy.

The pandemic itself seems to be quite serious for periods of about three months based on results from different countries around the world.  After that, however, its ongoing effects appear to much less severe barring any possible serious resurgences. In many ways – obviously – this is very good news.

However, somewhat perversely any opportunities to jump in and meet critical supply chain failures are probably going to be limited.  In other words, AM companies that are hopeful to be able to weather the storm by directly servicing demand from broken supply chains and medical equipment may be left disappointed.

In this article we’ve highlighted three leading companies in the industry – all multifaceted providers who own multiple additive technology platforms. These companies are involved in the sale of printers, materials, and operation of on-demand manufacturing businesses which utilize their own and other additive technologies.  We have analyzed their Q2 results carefully to see what these numbers tell us about what is next for AM.

We also discuss here how leading 3D printing and additive manufacturing companies need to pivot and address challenges throughout the rest of 2020 in light of their published first quarter financial results. PRO logo

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