Luge, LAIKA, Aluminum: A Conversation in 3D Printing with Stratasys

In the runup to RAPID + TCT 2018, we knew we had a lot to expect from 3D printing industry leaders including Stratasys. The Eden Prairie, MN-based company sponsored the…


SME Announces Keynote Speakers for RAPID + TCT: 3D Printing in Sports, Aerospace, Medicine, The Future

Nonprofit organization SME, which supports the manufacturing industry, has spent months getting ready for the 2018 RAPID + TCT Conference, which begins this Monday, April 23, in Fort Worth, Texas….

Adopting Additive Manufacturing: Skills Shortage in 3D Printing Leaves Many Wondering How to Educate, Upskill, Fill Jobs

Driving a successful industry is a successful workforce; that workforce, though, has to come from somewhere. In terms of additive manufacturing, lately we’ve been seeing an increasing call toward the…

Successes and Challenges: The Industry Around 3D Printing Meets in Nottingham

Who doesn’t love a good success story? Hearing about triumphs in business can motivate, spurring additional developments to build on proven methodologies, bolstering the mood of an industry. On the…

Stratasys Tells Us About Their New Expert Services Group to Help Manufacturers Implement 3D Printing

It’s been an incredibly busy month so far for Stratasys, which just a few days ago announced a large-scale collaboration with the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs to create a 3D printing…

Stratasys Acquires Additive Manufacturing Consultancy Firm Econolyst

Stratasys Ltd. says that the addition of the team from Econolyst, an additive manufacturing and 3D printing consultancy and research firm, will complement Stratasys’ services offerings to help customers build…

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