e-NABLE Wants Your Help in 3D Printing 1,000 Prosthetic Hands By Mid-September

e-NABLE has been happily providing 3D printable hand prosthetics to children, veterans and the disabled for almost three years now. In that time thousands of volunteers have helped produce over…

e-NABLE Joins Autodesk Foundation as ‘Impact Designer’ for 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands

There’s ongoing talk about industry being transformed by 3D printing. Manufacturing is in the middle of the next revolution. We’re going to build luxurious 3D printed eco-communities on the water,…

Smart Hands: Researchers are 3D Printing Lightweight Bionic Prosthetics With Muscle-like Wires

The use of–and the art of developing–prosthetics has a history nearly as old as humanity itself. Obviously, if you’ve never lost a limb or experienced the challenge of trying to…

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