NVBOTS Announces 3D Printing Educational Packages, Donates NVPro 3D Printer to Non-Profit Citizen Schools

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logo (1)NVBOTS has always been concerned about bringing more to the 3D printing market authentically, adding unique touches that offer true conveniences for users, and really making a difference.

With a 3D printer that offers — among a number of other features — the ability to produce batch jobs due to automatic part removal, they’ve hit the nail on the head again, expanding, as originally planned, to focus in the educational sector. NVBOTS has a clear vision for putting 3D printing tools into the hands of young innovators, and they understand that without the proper resources, a certain level of conceptualization never has the chance to come to fruition — not to mention the chance to take a project to the end.

classroomIt requires unique vision, stability, and generosity of spirit for a new company to have the desire and commitment for putting time and investment into nurturing the minds of the younger generations, in hopes of raising up the next brilliant minds. These are the future innovators and visionaries who, through learning about 3D design and 3D printing, will possess more of the necessary skill sets that the STEM curriculum sets forth in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Again, while there are many 3D printers on the market which are basically providing the same basic features, the same issue goes for 3D printers and the level of direction going to schools. While NVBOTS has created a 3D printer that really does stand apart, they plan to do the same with the package they are offering to schools.

Not only does the NV Library give teachers a focused plan with lessons for students, the education geared toward 3D design and 3D printing is streamlined and easy for teachers to present to their students. Lessons are formulated adhering to educational standards and requirements, and projects offer the unique element of 3D printable components, which include modules offering work with spectroscopes and advanced learning about light, simple machines and inspiration to build a Rube Goldberg Machine (an elaborate device that usually provides something like a chain reaction), as well as CAD software so that students can produce original designs for 3D printing.

“Our dedication to inspiring students through 3D printing is unmatched in the industry and we are passionate about weaving 3D Printing into the fabric of learning experiences everywhere,” said NVBOTS CEO AJ Perez. “The release of the NV Library and the Citizen Schools milestone are just two examples of our commitment to education. 3D printing is motivating the next generation of innovators to create in ways never before thought possible and we are proud to serve as a catalyst in this area.”

NVBOTs-3NVBOTS is also connected with the Citizen Schools organization and is donating their first NVPro 3D printer to the non-profit organization. With the NVPro, students will enjoy not only being able to produce 3D prints in batches, rather than production of a single object, but they can also enjoy cloud-based slicing, 3D printing from multiple devices, monitoring of prints from any device, and can also enjoy the safety of the unique protective enclosure. The NVPro can run 24/7 from any device.

Partnering with public middle schools in low-income areas, Citizen Schools aims to see that students in need are able to receive further academic enrichment through time spent with adults who have expertise and time to spare for teaching as volunteers, spending time with students after school, and giving direction in many different activities.

According to Citizen Schools, “students in upper-income families spend 300 more hours each year with adults than do the three million students in lower-income families.” Their goal is to see that all kids are benefitting from specialized activities and one-on-one learning. With 32 partnerships, currently, and 4,700 volunteers giving their time to the organization, thousands of children are already benefitting.

NVBOTS’ plan is to make the first 3D printer they have donated to Citizen Schools “one of many” as they continue to work together. Development of the NVPro 3D printer was made by a successful crowdfunding campaign on Fundable, which received over $104K.

Their goal with 3D printing has always been to make it less cumbersome, while including features that really are innovative, and not just marketing spin. One other unique feature offered by the innovative NVBOTS is that they have a leasing program available so that schools are able to continually update their technology with the latest releases from NVBOTS.

What do you think of the latest innovations in 3D printing in education being created and offered by NVBOTS? Have you or anyone you know experienced use of a 3D printer in an educational setting? Tell us about it in the NVBOTS Announces Full 3D Printing Educational Packages forum over at 3DPB.com.

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