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Cost-Effective Independent Dual Extruders Direct Drive 3D Printer: JGMAKER Artist-D Launch at Kickstarter

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You may not have yet heard of a new 3D printer called the JGMaker Artist-D. That’s to be expected. This system has only just been announced and, as of September 17th, it is now available for pre-order through Kickstarter.

As you’ll learn from the Kickstarter page, IDEX technology is a technology with several separate extruders that can operate independently of each other. This offers several advantages compared to a multi-extruder solution featuring only a single head.

First, it allows you to print multiple colors in a single model, without the need to purge the filament between each color change, so you save filament and the printing process is faster.

The JGMAKER Artist-D 3D printer is quite a bit different from other low-cost 3D printers with only a single extruder and build plate. The JGMAKER Artist-D 3D printer is designed with independent dual extruders, offering greater possibilities for printing.

The Artist-D offers the following notable features:

  • Independent dual extrusion: one nozzle stopping doesn’t affect the nozzle that’s operating
  • Generous build volume: large single models up to 310 x 310 x 350mm, or 111 x 310x 350mm for two of the same models
  • Mono-color: Prints in one color from a single extruder, much like other 3D printers
  • Dual-color: Prints a single object in two colors
  • Mirror: Prints left and right mirrored versions of an object
  • Duplicate: Prints two identical copies of a single object simultaneously
  • Direct drive: allows you to print multiple material types
  • 32-bit chip: It has a TMC 2208, which ensure high printing performance and a quiet printing environment
  • Modular nozzle: The printer allows you to easily swap nozzles, or quickly replace the nozzle in the event of a clog.
  • Dual Z: This feature improves accuracy and precision, resulting in a specified Z-axis accuracy of 0.001mm .
  • Filament run-out detection: printing activity is not affected if the printer runs out of filament
  • Resume printing: In the event of a power outage, whether a tripped fuse or accidental unplugging, you do not have to start a print all over again.
  • Flexible magnetic build platform: This makes it easy to release a model, once printed
  • Stronger and more stable: a sturdy metal base makes printer more stable and keeps electrical components safer
  • Linear rail on X-axis: The printer delivers smoother performance with less friction and higher precision.
  • Easy to assemble: It only need to take about 5-10 minutes to assemble everything.
  • Open source: It is based on Marlin 2.0 open-source firmware that allows users to adjust it to suit their specific needs

While most 3D printers have a single extruder, a few advanced machines include what’s known as “independent dual extruders”. These are like single extruders, except that there are two of them operating on the build plate and can move independently of each other.

The usual problem with dual extruders is that the inactive nozzle tends to drip material on the print, leading to printing failure. But with our Artist-D, that has been solved by including a “brush” that can wipe the inactive nozzle automatically before it causes any trouble.

To offer you more printing choices, the Artist-D is designed with a direct drive, which features a no-gap feeding system that makes the distance between the filament feed motor and the nozzle much closer, preventing blockage issues from occurring, so as to feed and print TPU flexible filaments easily.

The Artist-D also features an innovative nozzle extrusion kit, which allows you to easily and quickly remove the nozzle with just one step—pressing a swap button (when the hot end is cooled, of course). The active nozzle can then be ejected and replaced. This means quick repairs in the event of a clog.

A remarkable feature of the printer is a focus on cabling, which is really user-friendly. The design attempts to minimize the amount of stray wires and cables. A set of four main FCC internal wires are adopted to do most of the work and they’re neatly placed out of the motion path of the printer.

The Artist-D comes with a high-performance 32-bit chip that is able to keep up with the simultaneous motion of dual extruders. It also includes advanced stepper drivers that make the machine virtually silent during operation.

Like most 3D printers these days, the Artist-D includes a “resume” feature. Hit the “Printing Pause” option if you want Artist-D to stop printing immediately during the process or if you need to change consumables of different colors or materials. Just pause, reload, and resume.

You may be wondering if this type of 3D printer is more complicated to use than a standard printer, or a simple multi-extruder printer. In fact the IDEX aspect of duplication and mirror modes is directly managed by the firmware, so all you have to do is put a single model in your slicer and align it on the left side of the plate. Then, before launching the printing process, change the print mode in the menu.

Some of you may have concerns about the authenticity of project as it is being launched on Kickstarter because the crowdsourcing site used to be a platform for startups. Nowadays, however, as Kickstarter has gathered a lot of creative people, more and more big companies are starting to jump onto the site to promote their brands. Creality is an example of that. They launch the CR 6 SE in May and got more than 10,000 backers via Kickstarter. On the other hand, JGMaker has completed its product prototype already and sent beta machine out to some notable YouTubers and bloggers to test the machine. So, there should be less concern, even if they’re using Kickstarter.

Artist-D is a creation of the JGMaker company, which just changed its brand name from JGAurora to JGMaker this year, as they consider JGMaker as easier to pronounce for users. It is an established, public company that was founded over a decade ago in Shenzhen, China. They have plenty of experience in building 3D printers, currently offering more than nine different machines, including both desktop FDM and industrial machines.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Artist-D is its price on Kickstarter. While other independent dual extrusion devices may cost thousands, the first 500 units of the Artist-D will be sold at only US$339 with free shipping. It comes with a three-year warranty, which is exceptional in the 3D printing industry. That’s a big discount for the launch, of course, as the cost will rise to US$599 after Kickstarter, which is still an incredible price. Click here to get more information on this project.

If you’re a creative maker and DIY enthusiast, and eager to experiment with an independent dual-extrusion 3D printer at a low cost, the Artist-D is the best choice to realize your creations in the world.

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