3Dsimo Kit is the world’s first multimaterial assembly kit 3D pen. Based on the same idea as RepRap 3D printers, every part of 3Dsimo Kit is open source. All the necessary blueprints are freely available on our website, 3dsimo.com, or on GitHub at github.com/3dsimo/3dsimo_kit. This assembly kit is easy to assemble — the whole build includes only 2 bolts, everything else is snapped or plug-in. Assembly takes 15-20 minutes. Thanks to the OLED display, choosing material profiles is quick and easy. 3Dsimo Kit is set up from the package with profiles for ABS and PLA filament. Adding new material profiles is very easy, all the needed manuals are available at: https://github.com/3dsimo/3dsimo_kit.  Every week there will be new upgrades, software or hardware, which will be ready to be 3D printed or uploaded to the device.

3Dsimo Inc. produces more than just the 3Dsimo Kit:

3Dsimo Basic – 3D pen designed for kids of 8+ years of age, using PCL filament, with nozzle that keeps the temperature low (55°C/131°F) to avoid burn injury. The whole device is powered from a detachable battery.

3Dsimo Mini – our best multitool 3D pen, which offers not just 3D drawing with more than 4 material profiles, but burning tool (for decorating wood, leather or smoothing 3D printed objects), soldering tool (for small electronic repairs and creations), and cutting tool (for cutting plastic foam, polystyrene, etc.). 3Dsimo Mini also offers bluetooth connectivity via app with Android or Apple devices, for even more functionality. Using 3Dsimo App you can update your firmware to be able to use new attachments, create new material profiles, watch tutorials, print out templates or be inspired by gallery full of creations.

More information about 3Dsimo devices is available on the website: www.3dsimo.com.

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