Kickstarter: Let the Hot Rod Henry 3D Printer SuperCharge Your Artistic Spirit


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nineAye Aye Labs is big on one word, and we like it: every. This is how they want their users to think in terms of the big creative picture, exploring every artistic realm, outlet, interest—and then allowing their concepts to come to life from the Hot Rod Henry Supercharged 3D printer, again embodying every in the sense that it also uses every filament on the market, allowing you limitless options to bring forth every material innovation you can dream up. So, now that everybody understands each other there, what else is special about this machine?

Aye Aye Labs is promising you a 3D printer that’s five times faster than the rest of the competition at speeds of up to 450 mm/s, with a print volume of 350 x 350 x 600 mm. The printer is completely constructed with industrial-grade components, offers durability, and has an undeniably stylish, retro design; in fact, it’s modeled after a 1950s jukebox.

oneOther features include:

  • Tested and measured accuracy, going down to 50 microns; in the X and Y axes the accuracy is also 50 microns.
  • Complete software bundle, in the form of a licensed copy of RealVision software, advanced and intuitive, serving as slicing software and a host for controlling your printer if you connect to your PC. It can be operated in basic, advanced or expert mode, and also includes, as we’ve reported on previously, the augmented reality preview, an incredible tool that actually lets you ‘reach in’ and preview your print from side to side.
  • A touchscreen interface for intuitive communication, and is ready for printing right after you plug the machine in.
  • Closed chamber and heated bed, eliminating warping issues.
  • Powerful hot end for fast, accurate printing.
  • Direct-drive extruder, enabling flexible material usage.
  • Stainless steel nozzles, with a guide exchange system that allows you to switch nozzles in under a minute without the need for calibration afterwards.

Print with anything you want to – not with what you’re told to! This is one directive that all users, artists or not, can appreciate being given. When Aye Aye Labs says this printer can operate on nearly every filament, they are also including flexible thermoplastics and high temperature polymers including those reinforced with carbon fiber or glass fiber.

Aye Aye Labs classifies materials for use in three different categories–solid, composite, and flexible.

“Within each category you can find filaments that are very easy to print as well as some that require knowledge and experience,” states Aye Aye Labs on Kickstarter. “It is exactly the same as with three print setting levels in our RealVision Software. We assessed their difficulty levels: basic, advanced and expert.”


As the manufacturers make clear, the whole idea behind this printer was for artists and users of all kinds to see the time shortened between a first draft idea for a 3D print and its production.

“3D printing is not only the production of ready-to-print models. It is also the act of creating individual, beautiful formulations. It is the complete cycle: starting from design through preparation, through printing and post processing,” says Tomasz Zawada, Aye Aye Labs co-founder. “It is exactly a creative process, something that helps create your vision. It doesn’t impose any defined form, and this is where Hot Rod Henry Supercharged lends its helping hand, offering a wide array of extremely useful features.”

Fits Every Interior

While anyone can enjoy the Hot Rod Henry, the printer is truly designed for the artist—thus the company’s ‘3D Printing is an Art’ campaign, which will be running throughout their Kickstarter campaign just launched, running up until July 21st with hopes to raise a modest €75,000 ($84K) for serial production. Early birds backing the campaign can look forward to receiving the mini version of the printer at a cost of €3,390 (around $3,800 USD) (shipping begins in October), or the full-size HRH at €5,990 (about $6,700 USD) (shipping begins in September).

“Our printer is already through the design phase. The prototypes have passed rigorous tests: they have been printing for over a year, and they work flawlessly,” said Agnes Miskowiec, Aye Aye Labs co-founder. “They got no special treatment.”

UntitledWhat really sets this printer apart from many you see on Kickstarter indeed is that there are so many impressive prints being displayed, giving potential backers a real idea of what the HRH can do:

  • The 1:1 Sir Paul McCartney’s statue is quite something to behold, and especially if you are a fan of the Fab Four. The detail in the statue is fascinating, and the team from Aye Aye Labs mentions that everyone who comes to office is very taken with Sir Paul, printed in eight parts using 5kg of gold PLA by Fiber Force + 4kg of plaster for stabilizing the boots.
  • Prosthetic leg covers made by designer Magdalena Baranowska, who was inspired by a friend in need in Poland. They were printed in two parts using 2×200 of PLA by Fiber Force, with finishing completed by the designer.
  • Phone cases printed with Raspberry Pi with 0.05mm precision.

If the standard size HRH is more than you are looking for, Aye Aye Labs encourages you to look at the ‘younger, smaller brother,’ in the mini form. The Mini Hot Rod Henry offers a build volume of 220 x 220 x 220 mm, is super-powered and made of all the same components as the larger version—but allows you to leave a smaller footprint, as well as consuming less power—and spending a bit less money. Users are also encouraged to try a storage stand with the HRH. The printer is able to use a dedicated feeding stand holding around 20 opened spools and 10 unopened filament boxes.

Founded in 2014, Aye Aye Labs is headquartered in Vienna. Made up of a group of engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts, the team is focused not only on manufacturing a high quality, feature filled machine, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing and very user-friendly. Their goal was to see that customers are able to meet all their 3D printing needs in the HRH, to include super-fast speed, large volume, and flexibility in material usage.

“We truly believe that 3D Printing is an art. So is our printer.”

Are you backing this campaign? Let’s talk about it more over in the Hot Rod Henry 3D Printer on Kickstarter forum over at



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